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But a smiling visitor here to share the love , btw outstanding layout. kdggbcffacfk
by Johnk299 on 19 August 2014

Great, thanks for sharing this blog.Really thank you! kdddekdcefae
by Johna193 on 17 July 2014

I appreciate your wordpress web template, exactly where did you down load it through? bdbakefdegad
by Johnk977 on 13 July 2014

It's really great that people are sharing this inforamtoin.
by Dorothy on 13 May 2013

Logos and NASCAR
I could swear I saw the Digital Reign logo on a car at the track this weekend. Outstanding!
by jimmy on 27 April 2009

I'm A Beekeeper
Thanks for the article on bees. I have been SCREAMING about this topic for years. I hope people listen.
by josh on 06 July 2008

Your Phone is Ringing
You didn't return my call! Gas is expensive. How about a contest for a gas card?
by dennis on 28 May 2008

Business vs. Pleasure
So how can I get any work done when I spend all my time at work reading your posts? Your sarcasm is hilarious.
by heather on 21 May 2008

I Saw It In A Dream
I had a dream about your website. I saw the web address on a hat (in the dream) and came here. Weird huh? Cool site though!
by adam on 22 March 2008

Where Are You?
Any ideas for a new post? You've been a little quiet. I'll bet you can't come up with something unique!
by gene on 21 January 2008

Cover Up
Great tips! And I found a great application called CoverScout. Check it out at
by joey on 10 December 2007

You're Right!
Who cares if you're wrong (or right). Tell that [expletive deleted] to shut up! It's YOUR right to do whatever you want.
by jason on 04 December 2007

I'm Asking For Change
I can't believe that someone with this many visitors can't share positive messages once in a while. This site is a prime example of what's wrong with society. And be nice!
by erica on 03 December 2007

Stupid Blonde Twit
I Googled the clip and found it here! I can't believe it either. This is why kids are stupid; she probably wants to be a teacher!
by cathy on 26 August 2007

All this opinion and no mention of the asterisk? Barry Bonds is a cheater and should be banned from the game. His record is a stain on history.
by steroid junkie on 08 August 2007

Damn Kids
Not that I want you to always have a bad travel experience, but I'm glad I'm not the only one that puts up with this. Good post!
by magneto on 31 May 2007

All Too Easy...
Empire Stikes Back was my favorite! Decent Article. I can't stand "the I-Man", but I think all this controversy is a waste. Let's move on!
by Evan on 17 April 2007

I showed you mine...
You show me yours... what are your boy crushes???
by ELS on 13 March 2007

Are Your Feet Normal?
I can't believe that someone is this stupid. I'm speechless. Hilarious story though. :-)
by toby on 11 January 2007

Wow! New posts are all over the place. I am still laughing about the airline problem. I can't wait for more! Bring on ViewSonic.
by katherine on 22 November 2006

Your Site Has Been Stolen
Someone stole your design. Check out [link deleted]. I hope you give 'em hell. I hate a thief.
by carmen on 09 November 2006

Informational site. Keep the interviews coming.
by chris on 22 October 2006

Wake Me Up
Where's the new posts? I've been reading the same stuff for a month. Hurry back man!
by Adam on 14 October 2006

[edited title]
Very good work!
by hitman on 23 August 2006

More Content
Nice design. I just wish you updated content more often. And, we want to read another story like the UPS vs. FedEx one!
by erica on 19 July 2006

What A Waste
First off, cool site. But I disagree with your opinion on the space program. It is a waste and I am exercising MY right to say so.
by bobby on 05 July 2006

All Natural Like Newman
Clean site man. Crisp design.
by Tommy Lee on 25 June 2006

Great job!
by pixelcatalyst on 13 June 2006

Deal Or No Deal
Game shows exist with a five million dollar prize, but you won't host my website! How about launching an affiliate program at DigitalReign?
by Case23 on 10 June 2006

Fucking brilliant man. Keep telling the truth.
by august on 05 June 2006

Beautiful Design
Who did your website design? I love it. I'll send you an email with what I am looking for if you think you can forward it to your designer. Great site!
by kerry on 03 June 2006

You Sarcastic Bastard
I could read your posts again and again. The sarcasm cracks me up. I don't know about the hurricanes though. You might have gone too far. Heh.
by parker on 02 June 2006

Great Content
I love this site. I really look forward to your news posts. hurry and post something new!
by erin on 16 May 2006

More Interviews!!!
Thanks for the great interview with Jeff at TSF. Awesome content!
by kano on 06 May 2006

found my way via googling my name, was a nice interview of katie my mate! :D
by geckokid on 01 May 2006

Game Over
This is a great design. I like it much better than the last one. This is the best format you could have come up with.
by Ken on 24 April 2006

I like your interview format. Thanks for interviewing Katie.
by Chuck on 17 April 2006

Nice Links
I like the collection of links you have here. Good work.
by Evan on 14 April 2006

Clean Presentation
I love the redesign. Nice look and clean graphics.
by Tom on 13 April 2006

Outstanding Site
I just stopped by from a Google search for Dixie Chicks (cool picture). Nice content and useful links. Keep up the good work!
by Eric on 10 April 2006

I havent been up to anything recently. Such is life. What can I say? Not that it matters. I feel like a void, but pfft. I cant be bothered with anything these days, but its not important.
by Lqjth on 09 February 2006

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